1962 Porsche S90 | Prep for Catalog + Amelia Island Auction

Back in June of this year I was approached by  a client about detailing  his 1962 Porsche 356B S90 Roadster for an upcoming photo shoot for the RM Sotheby's Amelia Island auction catalog. He dropped by a few weeks later so I could take a look and give my recommendations on what we could do to make this Porsche look as best as possible in all aspects. After our meeting we setup and appointment that was closer to when the vehicle was going to be photographed. 

After 3 months of waiting, September finally rolled around and I was able to start in on prepping this girl for the catalog/auction. We started with a high pressure undercarriage rinse, moved to cleaning the wheel faces and followed with a gentle two bucket wash. After the gentle wash, I pulled it into the shop loosened the wheel lugs, safely jacked it up and gently placed her on jack stands. I then removed the wheels so I was able to reach up into the wheel wells and expose the steering and suspension components to be deeply cleaned.



Once the steering and suspension components were dialed in, I moved on to the undercarriage and the bottom of the engine. The undercarriage is fairly flat and I had already given it a high pressure rinse. Not much time was needed underneath except the bottom of the engine where I spent about 3 hours de-greasing coupled with steaming and making sure every reachable surface was clean and free of dirt.

After the undercarriage, steering, suspension components and the bottom of the engine were complete we then started in with the topside of the engine, engine compartment area, and the front lid cargo compartment. The cargo compartment needed a bit of love, the battery holding area had some surface rust  forming around it and in the cracks where the panels were put together. I was able to gently remove the rust and re-coat the problem areas to bring it back to look like factory appearance. I then cleaned the spare wheel which was removed earlier and conditioned the tire rubber as well. It was now time for the topside of the engine. The topside of the engine wasn't too bad, but definitely needed to be cleaned up a bit so we spent about an hour with steam, multi-purpose cleaner, and compressed air to brighten up the area and banish any dirt. 

I then began to work on the beautiful red interior of the 356. I started with removing the floor mats and carpet and blowing out under the seats and other places where the vacuum couldn't reach, after all this 62' Porsche is a driver. Once done I moved on to brushing all the cracks and crevices with a boar hair brush to remove minor dust build up and then on to steaming the door cards and the dash. About 3/4 of the dash is painted and my client specifically asked for it to be polished, this can present its own problems simply because the area  to be polish has a lot of tight areas where a machine cannot fit so to combat that, old school hand polishing was a must. Once complete we jumped into cleaning the red leather seats with a pH balanced leather cleaner and a soft bristle seat brush. this gently removes dirt and oils that get trapped in the pores of the leather, this was then followed up with a high quality leather conditioner that left the seats with a beautiful non-greasy satin finish. all the chrome on the seats were also cleaned and brightened up along with the seat belt buckles. The rear view mirror was removed and hand polished to lightly remove the oxidation.

After a day or so of focusing on the interior, it was finally time to get the single stage paint and bright-work into shape. I started with the bright work using Cloud 9 Metal polish. Cloud 9 works great, The front end of the polish is nice and aggressive and then finishes down to a fine polish, which gives it that extra pop bright-work needs in order for it to gleam.  After a few hours of bright-work polishing  it was time to get into cutting down the single stage Porsche paint. After a couple of test spots we decided to go with Classic Cut compound on a Lake Country Cutting pad with a run out step using a Porter Cable DA polisher. Once the cutting phase was complete the Porsche was air blown to remove loose compounding dust and then rinsed to remove  the remaining stuck on dust from the exterior surfaces.  After drying was complete it was time to start with finishing the paint and removing any hazing left over from the cutting step. I finished out the paint with a Lake Country polishing pad and Classic Polish using a Porter Cable DA polisher. 

Before Cutting Step

After Cutting Step

Once the Porsche was completely cut down We refined the paint by polishing it with Classic Polish to remove any hazing that was left behind from cutting.  This step really pulls out the depth and clarity of the paint. After this babe was all polished we removed all the polishing oils and topped her with Clutch Silica spray. This Silica spray from Shine Supply really makes the paints gloss level out of this world, it also provides great protection and longer durability than a traditional wax or sealant. It was a great pleasure to work on this Porsche 356B. Porsche had just celebrated their 70th anniversary back in July which is a huge milestone. Knowing that this beautiful piece of art will be auctioned at Amelia Island in March and has been photographed by RM Sotheby's for their auction catalog. If your are interested in checking out the RM Catalog  of this Porsche for the Amelia Island Auction click here

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