1967 Ford Mustang Coupe | Paint Correction Service & Interior Service

Shortly after we completed the Porsche 356 B, I  had the opportunity to perform a paint correction on this 1967 Mustang coupe for a loyal client. When he arrived to drop the Mustang we walked around the vehicle and noted to problem areas where the vehicle had been repainted and there was a lot of texture  such as orange peel and solvent pop.( see pictures below). Upon further inspection in the shop I saw this girl was plagued with a lot of texture on her side panels. Everything below the first body line would have to go through a texture removal process, a cut and then a polish. 

After the prep wash was complete a more detailed inspection of the paint was performed as mentioned above.  once inspection was complete we dove into cleaning up the engine bay and interior of this 67' Mustang. We used our pH neutral leather and interior cleaner with UV blocker coupled with a steam cleaner on the door cards, dash and seats and lightly shampooed the carpets and floor mats to remove light stains and help freshen the interior.

once the interior was complete we moved to the exterior and started the texture removal process on the rear end and side panels. We started with 2000 grit wet sanding paper and moved up to 3000. from there the sections were cut down with a heavy compound, wool pad and rotary buffer.

Once the texture and cutting process was complete on these areas, we cut the rest of the Mustang coupe down and followed it up with a stout polish to remove any hazing left behind from cutting and help add a bit more gloss and depth to the paint. the bright-work was attended too as well. Scroll for in-process and completed photos.

After texture and cutting process

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